🔥PLEASE READ THOUROUGHLY!!! I know it’s long but PLEASE just do it!! It’s YOUR responsibility to read this PRIOR to ordering🔥

🌵We ONLY accept returns for STORE CREDIT!!

🌵Once your return is RECEIVED and PROCESSED, you will receive an email from us with your STORE CREDIT CODE to use for ANY item you’d like!! ~CHECK YOUR SPAM!!!~ Your store credit expires in ONE year from when the code was sent!! Keeping track of your CREDIT CODE is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!

🌵WE WILL CONTACT YOU via the email that was used to place the order!! Please do not check the tracking on your return and email us letting us know that your return has been delivered!! UNNECESSARY EMAILS SLOW US DOWN!! We know that you want to shop but you’re going to have to give us a minute!! Returns can take up to 2 WEEKS and we’ll let you know when it’s been processed!!~CHECK YOUR SPAM!!!

 🌵You MUST send your invoice back with your return!! Just like a shop you would walk into~YOU HAVE TO HAVE YOUR RECEIPT!! If you have lost it, you can print it from your email~CHECK YOUR SPAM!!~NO EXCEPTIONS and your credit will be forfeited!!! So PLEASE just do it!! 

🌵 If you need to return an item, please do it quickly!! Returns must be back in OUR HANDS within 7days of delivery!! NO EXCEPTIONS!! If we can get it to you, you can get it back to us!! After the 7 day period, 20% restocking fee will be deducted from your store credit!! If a return is sent to us after 21 days, we CANNOT accept your return and an invoice will be emailed to you for a shipping label and once it’s paid, we will ship it back to you. If the Invoice is NOT paid within 7 days, your item will be sent to the needy!! 

🌵Make sure you have a way to track your return package that you are shipping back to us!! We are NOT responsible for lost packages!! Insurance is a good idea also!! Make sure your return is SECURELY packaged like it was when it was sent to you!! We are NOT responsible for damaged packages either!! 

🌵Your returned item(s) MUST be in the same NEW, UNWORN condition as it was when we sent it to you!! 

🌵We CANNOT hold items for you!! We have to process your return first!! Return shipping is YOUR responsibility!! 


              🔥NO PERFUME SMELL~Or ANY other smell!! Cigarettes, laundry detergent (yep!! We can smell that too!!) perfume ect.. Serious gals!! If we feel like it has to be sent to the cleaners or thrown away~we will not accept it!! Please watch your perfume nozzles!!

              🔥IF YOU HAVE PETS~Do NOT try the item on or have your pet near it UNTIL you are SURE you want to keep it!! Items with pet hair will NOT be accepted!!

               🔥MAKEUP~MIND YO’FACE!! Items with makeup stains or ANY OTHER SPOTS OR STAINS will NOT be accepted!! Deodorant, makeup, food and drink ect.. We check our items THOUROUGHLY prior to sending them out to you so we’re going to know it was you!! 

                🔥DAMAGED,  If you try your item on and you rip or tear it, we will NOT accept your return!! Again, our items are inspected THOUROUGHLY and we will know it was you!! 

                 🔥If your return does NOT meet these requirements, you will be sent an invoice for a shipping label that is to be paid within 7 days for your item to be shipped back to you. If the invoice sent is NOT paid within 7 days, your invoice will be canceled and your item will go to the needy!!  

Ferdinand, Idaho 83526
 Thank you.